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Rental Agreement

This agreement is between the student listed below, (hereinafter “student”) and Chemeketa Community College Bookstore (hereinafter Bookstore) to rent college textbooks to students on a single term basis.  This agreement is for the  SPRING TERM 2018 ONLY.  This agreement shall not extend to any other term(s).

The terms and the conditions of the Textbook Rental Agreement are as follows:

  • Current Chemeketa ID and Credit/Debit Card are required to rent textbooks.
  • All Rental Textbook(s)for Spring Term 2018 must be returned in fully resalable condition, bundled textbooks, all parts must be returned together. (No writing in ink, no water/liquid damage, no filled in answers and all pages present and intact) by June 16, 2018  - 1:00 pm to the Salem Campus Store.
    Time is of the essence in this agreement; there will be NO GRACE PERIOD.
  • Rentals must be secured with a Credit/Debit card with the expiration date at least 30 days past the rental due date.
  • Rental Textbook(s) that are not returned by the due date or are damaged, lost, stolen or deemed unsalable by the bookstore will automatically be charged to my Credit/Debit card account for the difference between full retail price of the textbook(s) less the rental fee plus a $15 service charge, per title. Any CD’s – need to come back with textbook in good condition. I authorize the Bookstore to make this charge.
  • In the event the Bookstore is unable to charge the credit/debit card provided, the amount of the charge (as described above) will be added to my student account and billed accordingly.  Any financial aid or other funds posted to my account will automatically pay the outstanding charge.  Unpaid accounts will be placed on hold blocking access to grades, registration and transcripts.  No further book rentals will be allowed.
  • If the student account is not paid by the term deadline it will be submitted to a collection agency for further collection proceedings and additional collection fees may be added to the balance due.
  • Rental Textbook(s) may be returned for a full refund within the first two (2) weeks of the current term with a receipt and Student ID.
  • You can contact the bookstore at 503.399.2379
I am a currently enrolled Chemeketa Community College Student and I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am solely responsible for this Rental Textbook(s) and I have carefully read the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All of my questions regarding the terms and conditions, if any, have been answered to my satisfaction. I have chosen to enter into an Agreement with the Bookstore freely, with a full understanding of this Agreement and intent to be bound by it.
I agree not to highlight, write or mark in the Rental Textbook.